Hacker Citizen, 50 ideas to hack the city

The worst of our nightmarish dystopias have finally become true. 1984, Brave New World… Does that ring a bell? Over a million of cameras are now dispatched in France alone. Impossible to go for a stroll, a walk or simply wander in the streets without encountering one of these annoyances. As a result, each one of them threatens our integrity, our peace of mind, our freedom. Kind of bothering. It is time for all of the citizen to react!

You care about surveillance, degradation of our environment and urban segregation. You would like to fight the great evils of our civilization and contribute to creating a greener and friendlier city, sharing with other citizens, and even offering a broader, more accessible vision of culture. Then Hacker Citizen is definitely the book you need. It will provide you with 50 easy, everyday hacks, and many more ideas to join the ranks of the citizen hacktivists, and start working on the subervsion of the system and the escape from the means of control over our lives.

Book cover

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Prefaced by Tristan Nitot, Founder of Mozilla Europe non-profit organisation and Cloud Chief Product Officer

Chapters are : watch, city, culture, nature, share...

Each chapter contains about 10 projects

Infrared cap

CCTV umbrella

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The table of contents

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The book is in french and english. Every hack is translated. All images are subject to license Creative Commons BY -NC -ND 3.0 FR. This means that you can seamlessly share images as you credit the creator (Geoffrey Dorne and Tind), but you can’t use them for commercial purposes, nor divert them.

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