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800 million people still lack access to basic water and 2.5 billion to basic sanitation : we are convinced that sharing skills and collaborating on the ground are powerful tools to accelerate the Right to water and sanitation. is designed to make it easy for everyone to work with others whatever their status, culture and localization. Imagine the time and energy you can spare if you have access to thousands peers’s experiences and skills ! This is your social collaborative network, join, hack it and make the most of it !

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Water Right Makers is a non-profit initiative dedicated to « Makers » in the water and sanitation sector. It aims at promoting those working on the ground, facilitating collaboration between them and with other communities. WaterRightmakers global ambition is to create the conditions for more collaboration between all actors involved in access to water and sanitation no matter what organization they work for or are financed by. That, we believe, can maximize the impact of makers’ work and actions and accelerate access to water and sanitation for all.

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Naming this open network WaterRightMakers is a double statement :

  • Put the spotlight on those who act on the ground : this is all about the individuals that have a direct impact on access to water and sanitation with their daily work, involvement and creativity
  • Integrate this initiative within the broader framework of the collaborative economy and Makers movement : open-access, hackerspaces, fablabs, open- knowledge,... WaterRightMakers believes it is critical to use all the potential of those progressive tools and movement within the « development » community

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