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The barriers faced by asylum seekers and refugees in terms of access to social care support can be significant. Their voices are not heard and their needs misunderstood and overlooked. Both groups of people may have experienced traumatic events such as torture or the death of loved ones and, once in other countries, they often face poverty and acute anxiety about their legal status. They can also experience racism, social exclusion and isolation, compounded by language barriers. With about one-third of refugees and asylum seekers arriving in the UK without any English language skills and communication is a major barrier to accessing social care services.

An Iraqi boy, refugee in Syria - photo by Charles Roffey

Refugeye, an app for a better understanding

Refugeye is a simple project. When refugees arrive in a host country, they must explain their condition to an administration, to an NGO, to associations. However, words fail when you do not speak the language of the host country. Refugeye is a solution that helps people communicate using simple pictograms. Refugeye also allows you to draw quickly over these icons for a better communication and understanding. For a better understanding, we will do things a better way.

You can drag & drop icons, draw over, save in your library...

The application

  • Free app
  • Open source
  • Available on Google Play Store
  • 150 icons (for the moment)
  • Search engine: English, French, Arabic, Slovenian, Estonian, Spanish, Portuguese, Serbian, Italian, German, Mandarin, Greek…
  • GNU GPL licence

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