Refugeye is a solution that helps people communicate using simple pictograms.

Red Cross

Restoring Family Links - International Committee of the Red Cross

Real design for real people

Design & Human is a design firm with a human basis approach, to help conceiving interfaces, products, services, identities and, in general, any kind of contemporary forms expression. Design & Human helps NGOs, companies, start-ups, associations and the public sector to innovate through a radical vision, both ethical and human. Founded by Geoffrey Dorne, designer for 10 years, Design & Human works and collaborates with many talents (graphic designers, illustrators, ergonomists, sociologists, etc.) to create a made to measure user-centric product.

Our principles & values

  1. Any design product is an act with meanings and intentions.
  2. Form is the result of its product.
  3. Innovation is social, not technological.
  4. Design is a responsible and ethical work.
  5. A product must be understood by its user, not the opposite.
  6. Design can be poetic and human only if it is free and based on truth.
  7. Design is to everyone’s attention whereas it’s open to all.
  8. A designer shall guide its work with ethics and shall refuse to do some things.
  9. In a human perspective, all technological possibilities aren’t to be done.
  10. Design is human-centered before being product-centered.

We work with them

Croix rouge, AMF, WWF, ANRS, Orange
CIEP, CNIL, TED, ONDINE, République Française

Work with us

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Phone : +33 6 76 91 62 01

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